NURS-114 Maternal/Child Nursing

The purpose of this course is to present the principles of nursing care utilizing the nursing process and concepts of Orem’s Theory of Self-Care. The focus will include assessment, identifying the patient's universal self-care requisites: air, water, food, elimination, activity, social interaction, safety, and normalcy in the maternal child population. The three models of nursing systems recognized by Orem’s Nursing System Theory will be addressed: wholly compensatory, partial compensatory, and supportive-educative. Students will gain theoretical knowledge using the nursing process for patient-centered, evidence-based nursing care of the woman during child-bearing years and her family including the newborn. The focus will include the prenatal, antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum period including care of the normal newborn. Complication of pregnancy and birth, and the high risk newborn will also be addressed. Growth and development of the pediatric patient as well as patient-centered, evidence-based nursing care of the child with health deviations related to cardiovascular, respiratory, sensorimotor, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary disorders, physical regulation and sexuality will be presented. Content threaded throughout the course includes contemporary issues in the expanding family, cultural diversity, nutrition, pharmacology, patient advocacy, and physical, behavioral, and social aspects of human growth and development.




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