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Optical Technician (Los Angeles)


Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP): 51.1801

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 29-2081.00, 51-9083.00

Quarter Credits: 50.5

In Class Clock Hours: 760

Outside Hours: 241.5

Total Hours: 1001.5

Method of Delivery: Blended

Number of Weeks: 36*

*Weeks May Be Extended Depending On Holiday Schedules

Career Training Objective

The Optical Technician program’s main objective is to offer a comprehensive training program to prepare students for employment in entry-level positions in the field of Opticianry. Graduates are encouraged to sit for the National Opticianry Competency Exam and Contact Lens Registry Exam administered by the American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners (ABO/NCLE).

The training program is divided into learning units called modules. Students must complete all modules. Each core module stands alone and is not dependent upon previous training. Upon successful completion of the classroom and laboratory training, students are required to complete a 200-hour externship. Completion of the program is acknowledged by the awarding of a diploma.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to pursue entry-level positions as opticians, optical lab technicians, optical dispensers, and contact lens fitters. Successfully attaining the available national certifications enhance the graduate's marketability in the field and are required for self-employment, as well as management positions in the optical field.

Instructional Equipment

  • Calculators
  • Charts
  • Diameter Gauges
  • Dispensing Hand Tools
  • Frames
  • Hand Edgers
  • Hand Magnifier
  • Keratometers
  • Layout Blockers
  • Lens Groovers
  • Lens Polishers
  • Lenses
  • Lensometers
  • PD Sticks
  • Pupilometers
  • Radiuscopes
  • Slit Lamps
  • Soft and Rigid Contact Lenses
  • Thickness Gauges
  • Tinting Units
  • Wet/Dry Edgers


Program Outline

Program Location: Los Angeles

Required Courses

Course Number


In Class Clock Hours

Outside Clock Hours

Quarter Credits

OPT.1 Light and Single Vision* 80.00 40.75 6.0
OPT.2 Multifocals* 80.00 32.00 6.0
OPT.3 Frames/Lenses* 80.00 31.50 6.0
OPT.4 Soft Contact Lenses* 80.00 38.50 7.0
OPT.5 Rigid Contact Lenses* 80.00 37.50 7.0
OPT.6 Anatomy/Physiology/Prisms* 80.00 30.25 6.0
OPT.7 Optical Office Procedures* 80.00 31.00 6.0
OPT.EXT Externship 200.00 0.00 6.5





Course Number: OPT.1

Title Light and Single Vision*
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours40.75
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: OPT.2

Title Multifocals*
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours32.00
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: OPT.3

Title Frames/Lenses*
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours31.50
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: OPT.4

Title Soft Contact Lenses*
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours38.50
Quarter Credits7.0

Course Number: OPT.5

Title Rigid Contact Lenses*
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours37.50
Quarter Credits7.0

Course Number: OPT.6

Title Anatomy/Physiology/Prisms*
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours30.25
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: OPT.7

Title Optical Office Procedures*
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours31.00
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: OPT.EXT

Title Externship
In Class Clock Hours200.00
Outside Clock Hours0.00
Quarter Credits6.5


In Class Clock Hours


Outside Clock Hours


Quarter Credits


* Courses offered in a blended format, a combination of online and on ground.


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