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Mental Health/Rehabilitation

This unit discusses the mental health/illness continuum, growth and development, characteristics of a mentally healthy client, human sexuality and lifestyle choices. Change and sources of stress will be addressed as well as factors that influence an individual’s response to change and stress. Nursing agency will be discussed in each situation. The five axes of the DSM-IV-TR will be introduced with common psychiatric disorders and their general care and treatment. The issues of codependency, addiction, the impaired nurse, abuse, home health and end of life issues will be addressed. The student is expected to utilize effective therapeutic modalities and assist the client throughout the rehabilitation process. The client undergoing rehabilitation therapy is attempting to restore what has been lost or diminished by the effects of change, stress, disorder or injury, which encompasses clients who have survived physiological, psychosocial or spiritual trauma.


Clinical Hours:

VN100, VN200, VN300

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