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Medical Surgical Nursing III

This course completes the integration of the curriculum conceptual framework of Knowledge, Skills, Values, Meanings, and Experience (KSVME) with the nursing management and care of clients with pathologies of the following systems: a) neurological system, b) sensory system, c) immune system, including HIV/AIDS, d) blood/lymph system, and e) cancerous diseases.  Other topics will include nursing care of patients with stable, complex medical problems, such as the chronic vegetative state.  Pathophysiology, diagnostic studies, nutrition, pharmacotherapy, and nursing care are integrated into discussion of each system and health problem.  End-of-life care including hospice and palliative care are studied.

The purpose of this course is to provide vocational nursing students with opportunities to provide care for several patients and to practice procedures, skills, and critical thinking learned in all previous course in the program. The student will continue to monitor intravenous therapy and administer medications to clients via all routes except intravenous.


VN40, CLN40, VN41, CLN41, CLN42, VN43, CLN43

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