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Respiratory Care Review

This course is intended as a final preparation for graduation and attempting the NBRC exams (both TMC and CSE). Students will review subject matter in all major core areas of the respiratory care program. Summary  assessment exams will be administered, with targeted remediation assigned as required prior to a final exit examination.


ANAT205, ANAT205-L, CAREER100, ENGL110, MATH110, PSYC110, RESP200, RESP200-L, RESP221, RESP233, RESP233-L, RESP234, RESP234-L, RESP235, RESP241, RESP241-L, RESP243, RESP251, RESP251-L, RESP253, RESP261, RESP261-L, RESP263, RESP272, RESP272-L, RESP283, RTC

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