Choosing a school and a new career path is a big deal. You need to know the facts. At American Career College, we know the importance of education and how it's key to a successful career. We understand that the health care industry is in constant need of well-trained professionals and our mission is to prepare you to succeed in your field of choice.

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Blended Learning Classrooms

Blended Learning Classrooms

Blended courses at American Career College combine traditional or face-to-face classroom instruction with an online learning environment. Online chat rooms and threaded discussions provide opportunities for exciting and productive class interaction, as well as the opportunity to connect with faculty members for help and guidance. Chat rooms are open for discussion with peers at any time or with instructors during office hours.

Each blended course also engages students with interactive learning exercises and animated activities while providing an audio-visual advantage. Students are able to see and hear each lesson from any computer with access to the Internet.

Trial Period: Try Us For 7 Days

ACC is so confident that we can deliver a quality educational experience that we offer an opportunity for you to attend classes to determine if ACC is a fit. If, during this trial period of attending classes and spending time on campus, you decide that ACC is not a fit, there is no tuition obligation. You can leave ACC with no obligation to pay. In other words, if you leave before the 7th day, you do not pay tuition.

We enthusiastically offer this trial period to our students, because ACC believes in our faculty and our associates, and we believe in their ability to ensure you reach your educational and professional goals.

ACC Success Story

Jessica S.

"I had always been interested in medicine, but I didn't want to deal with the drama of applying to even a community college. Now, I'm a trained Surgical Technician!"