ACC Celebrates Inaugural Radiography Cohort Pinning


ACC Celebrates Inaugural Radiography Cohort Pinning Galley

Congratulations AOS Radiography Cohort 1!

ACC Celebrates Inaugural Radiography Cohort Pinning Galley

AOS Radiography Faculty

ACC Celebrates Inaugural Radiography Cohort Pinning Galley
ACC Celebrates Inaugural Radiography Cohort Pinning Galley

Congratulations to American Career College-Ontario’s inaugural Associate of Occupational Science in Radiography program graduates, who celebrated the end of their coursework and beginning of their careers in November.

The inaugural cohort celebrated 14 radiography graduates who are now preparing for the first of two licensure exams.

Christopher Popp, a new radiography graduate and 20-year Army veteran, reflected on what made him interested in ACC’s program. 

“[ACC] felt different than other programs. It felt more personal. I could get one-on-one time, the instructors were more approachable,” Popp shared. “My wife encouraged me to get into radiography after I got out of the Army, and I’ve been interested in radiography after seeing my brother-in-law go through surgery after surgery. I thought this might be a good fit for me.”

Popp is excited about his future because two of the clinical sites he rotated with during the program indicated they have a job for him once he earns his licensure.

“Being able to see the patients, interact with the radiography techs and see their passion for it in the clinical setting, made a difference,” Popp said. “You’re showing the empathy, you’re getting more one-on-one time with patients compared to other roles in the hospital or clinic.”

Melissa Wallschlaeger, AOS radiography program director, said she is incredibly proud of the graduates, who worked so hard to achieve their associate degrees.

“This cohort has grown so much in the past two years and it’s been really fun to see that happen,” Wallschlaeger said.

Wallschlaeger shared some advice with the graduates for their futures stating, “Take the opportunity of employment you are afforded, get your foot in the door, and continue to grow in the field as there are so many opportunities for professionals out there.”

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