ACC Graduate Spotlight: Joseph Alvarado


Joseph Alvarado first heard about American Career College while attending the Inland Empire Salsa Festival. Now, he's working just five miles from where he decided to take a chance in the healthcare field.

"I'm currently a pharmacy technician and I'm happy to get hired here," Alvarado said while standing outside his new job at ABC Pharmacy in Riverside. "I really like interacting with customers. I come from a job where it was nothing but customer service and, as a pharmacy technician, if you don't have good customer service then you probably don't have a job."

Alvarado, who graduated from ACC-Ontario's pharmacy technician program in 2016, said it didn't take much convincing for him to try something new.

"I was a pizza delivery man and like I said, customer service," Alvarado laughed. "If you received cold pizza, you'd be mad at me. The way we deal with it is how we show our skills," he said. "A pharmacy technician has a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes they are overlooked but, in a way, pharmacy technicians are the blood and lifeline of the medical field."

Alvarado was hired straight from externship and said he is now working with a great team that helps and supports him.

"They're really informative," he said. "Any questions that I have, they're always there for me 100 percent and I'm really happy for that. Plus, I'm really scared of blood so being a pharmacy technician seems like the best place for me in healthcare."

ACC cannot guarantee employment.

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