ACC Ontario Hosts ‘Friends In Sight’ Clinic

The California Lions Club “Friends In Sight” program set up a vision screening clinic at ACC Ontario, where some 300 people from the community were screened and given a free pair of eyeglasses. More than 50 volunteers came together on campus for the event, as Joe Cockrell reports in this video story.

A Christmas Story Via Social Media

A Christmas Story Via Social Media

Written by Joe Cockrell, Director of Public Relations,  American Career College and West Coast University.

On Friday I came across this public post on Facebook from a woman who lives in Chino, saying that she had paid for the gas of a stranded student in American Career College scrubs:

I reached out to her on Facebook to say thank you, and asked for her address so we could send a thank you note and repay her kindness (but we planned to do much more than that). It turns out that Staci is unemployed, but still found it in her heart to buy gas for the stranded student.

ACC President Tom McNamara hand wrote a thank you card for Staci. Vice President for Student Success Susan Pailet and her team began to gather some ACC items to assemble a basket of goodies. Working with the ACC Ontario campus team, we assembled the basket with gas cards, some ACC branded items and a big box of See’s candy. Susan also bought stuffed animals for her two children.

After a meeting in Ontario yesterday, Susan and I drove to Staci’s house to deliver the thank you in person. Unfortunately, she was not home, but we left it on her porch. This is what she wrote to us when she found it upon her return home:

Staci also took to Instagram and posted these photos:

Thank you, Staci for the kindness you showed to that ACC student! You are the perfect example of what it means to show compassion to others and I am happy you posted about it on Facebook.